Monday, 13 June 2011

HW01-movie-LAHH.. :)

Being an anti-social teenager, I am not really keen into movies or cinemas. Therefore my knowledge about movies is not that much. But there was one movie, a local Malay movie, had caught my eyes. The movie was directed by Afdlin Shauki, a multitalented Malay artist.
The movie was titled “Papadom”.  
The movie is about a devoted single father pushed hard to raise his only daughter, Mia. The story goes, a man ; Saadom and his wife ; (name can not be recalled) had run a Nasi Kandar stall on the streets of their hometown in Penang. Then tragedy happened. Saadom’s wife passed away due to unfortunate car accident. Leaving behind a small child, their child to be brought up by him, all by himself. From that day onwards, he dotingly cared for his beloved daughter. She grew all the way up from a kindergarten girl, to a sassy  and smart high school student, under his nose all the time. He sent her meals daily during her recess time in school. He accompanied Mia through each driving class. On top of that, he even tagged along on her Prom Night as her date!! Saadom never let his daughter out of his sight, until Mia had achieved a superb result in her SPM. She was then to be sent to UiTM Shah Alam to further her studies in Film and Arts.
But that would not stop Saadom from being apart from his daughter.
I had gathered some moral values from this movie. They are the devotion of a father to his daughter, the true love that comes from a family and respect.